Friday, September 22, 2006 - Hi :

Hi my name bob, wutz up?

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Some people you might want to know:
Neko: That is me. It is what I refer myself as. It means cat in japanese. koneko means kitty. My really close friends switch between koneko and neko all that time :)
Little Makino: Which means machine in spanish. And pasture,in japanese, according to a japanese translator. This is my best buddy. The one that knows all my deepest secrets. She also a health freak,meaning eatting healthy is important to her.And studying is too. I usually get lots of lectures from her on studying and my food habits,lol.She probably right tho, she older and wiser.
Little: A school buddy who I met in science class, and now have in social. She a nice person who has her own unique personality. She always asking me for help with english questions. I find alot of people like asking me for help in english,haha.
Emo: Not really emo,but someone told her she was and she wrote it on her binder, and I didn't know what else to call. She talkative,nice, and is learning spanish.
Drink Stealer: This girl is in my english and french class.SHE LOVES Stealing my drinks.I tend to bring drinks to english every day. Anywho she hyper, and nice.
Yume-Chan: My friend who've i've known since grade one. She's homeschooled. And <3 kingdom heart.Like me, she learning japanese and she wishes to become a japanese pop star.Her idols are Utada.
Kaze-Kun: A girl in my japanese and art class.Were total opposite personalitys, but we love hanging out. We talk alot in art class, making the teacher mad at us =D
Mariko-Chan: Another girl in my japanese class. She's cool. Unique style, good drawer, and loves talking.I have more in common with her, we both like shojo manga and horror movies.
The Ex: A ex boyfriend, who I dated for two-three weeks and broke up. We tried to friends but it didn't work.
llyne: Little sister, she in my french class.
Math Skipper: this girl skipps math class, but is really nice. I dont talk to her much, I just say hello, once in a while.
Kawii: My ipod
Lina Inverse: Scanner.
Neko-Enemy: Ok he's not my enemy, and I take advance japanese with him .But he's alway teasing me,because i'm so short. haha.

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